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Corona virus: FAQ - Questions and answers

Læs guides, regler og gode råd under coronahjemsendelsen
© Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The situation relating to corona virus develops on a daily basis and increasingly affect us all. Dansk Magisterforening/DM (the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs, referred to below as “DM”) continues to keep you updated on those issues of which you should be aware.

We have gathered the most relevant questions and answers on novel corona in relation to your work life. It is important to emphasise that you should contact the relevant authorities if you have health issues.

As the situation relating to novel corona is constantly changing, we will also revise the texts in line with developments. The texts also represent the most common situations which may be faced by members of DM. As a member, you may well be in a situation where, based on a concrete legal interpretation of the situation, you may arrive at a different result.

The answers prepared must be interpreted in light of the unusual and serious situation in which we find ourselves at this time. Therefore, they cannot be taken as an expression of DM's position in a normal situation. So, contact DM for legal advice if you have specific questions that you need answered.

Business travel

What are the consequences of closing Denmark’s borders to my work-related travels?
Find the answers here

Closure of schools and day-care

Learn about your position if your child's day-care or school is closed.
Learn more here

Combinators/temporary employees

Learn more about your position if you are a temporary or part-time employee and are e.g. sent home by your employer.
Learn more here


What is your position if you have been dismissed due to the corona virus?
Learn more here


Can your employer instruct you to take holiday or time off in lieu? And may be your planned vacation be cancelled?
Read the answers here

PhD students and other non-tenured research positions

DM is pushing for an agreement to be made on an actual aid package for the research area. Learn more about what is already happening in the field.
Learn more here

Quarantine and lay-offs

Get an overview of your position if you are placed in quarantine – e.g. whether you will receive pay and whether you are obliged to work from home.
Learn more here


Salary issues are very important, e.g. whether you get paid if you are stranded on your holiday and cannot return home. Or whether you get paid if you cannot attend work because public transport is not operating in the usual way.
Learn more here

Self-employed and freelancers

Learn about your position if you miss out on earnings due to events being cancelled?
Learn more here


Do I need a doctor’s certificate stating that I have COVID-19 in order to receive pay while I am sick?
Find the answer here


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions which you, as a student, may have in connection with the initiatives of the authorities to prevent the transmission of the corona virus.
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Time off in lieu

Find out whether your employer may instruct you to take time off in lieu.
Learn more here

The obligations of the employer

Learn more about your employer’s obligations – e.g. the employer’s obligation to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.
Learn more here

The risk of infection in the workplace

Are you worried about being exposed to the risk of infection at your place of work?
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the risk of infection here


The DM unemployment insurance fund follows the recommendation of the authorities in relation to limiting the possible risk of infection. This affects you as a member.
Learn more at ma-kasse.dk/corona

What does DM do?

We have introduced a number of initiatives in DM to limit the risk of infection.
Learn more about the initiatives here

Working from home

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about working from home.
Learn more here

Stay updated

Stay updated at coronasmitte.dk where the relevant authorities continuously provide updates on developments.

Learn more here

Contact DM

If you have concerns about quarantine or the risk of infection with corona in your workplace, please contact DM.

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