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Combinators/temporary employees

Learn more about your position if you are a temporary or part-time employee and are e.g. sent home by your employer.

I am employed in a private company as a temp/part-time employee with fixed shifts/hours – can my employer send me home without pay?

If you are able to do your job properly elsewhere, e.g. at home, your employer cannot just cancel your shifts. We recommend that you enter into a dialogue with your employer about the possibility that the work can be performed in an alternative way.

If you can only perform the work at your place of work, your opportunity to get paid for the cancelled hours depends on what was contractually agreed with the employer when you were employed. By way of example, if you are employed as a salaried employee, your employer will be required to pay you salary during the period and you must be available to the employer during the period.

I am employed in a private company as an on-call worker/relief with no fixed weekly number of hours. Now, I have been told that there is no work. What am I entitled to?

That depends on a specific assessment of your terms of employment, what work you have done and up to how many hours you have worked. You will probably not be eligible for pay, but it depends on the specific circumstances. Contact DM for an assessment.

I am employed in the public sector as a student/temp – am I also covered by the right to pay for 14 days as announced by the Prime Minister?

DM takes the view that the Prime Minister's announcement applies to all public employees, so you will be entitled to salary for the hours you would otherwise have worked during the period. You must be available to the employer during the period and work at home or perform other tasks, on the days when you would otherwise be at work, if possible.

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