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What is your position if you have been dismissed due to the corona virus?

I have been dismissed due to the corona virus. What do I do?

As a result of the corona virus, several employers may feel compelled to lay off employees for financial reasons. Dismissal due to financial problems may be a reasonable ground for dismissal.

The notice of termination depends on the contractual conditions agreed upon when you were hired. If you are not employed according to the provisions of the Consolidation Act on Employers’ and Salaried Employees’ Legal Relationship (“the Salaried Employees Act”), the notice of termination must be specified in your contract. If you are employed according to the rules of the Salaried Employees Act, the notice of termination specified in that Act must be followed.

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As a salaried employee in a private company, can I be dismissed due to the corona virus – and what about my notice of termination?

If the company with which you are employed loses revenue due to the corona virus, you may be terminated as a result of a shortage of work. Whether the dismissal is based on reasonable grounds will depend on the specific circumstances of the company. You are eligible to receive your usual notice of termination during the notice period.

Contact DM if you are dismissed, so that we may assess the situation

In connection with my dismissal, it has been agreed that I can complete an outplacement course and training that I cannot complete within the agreed time due to the corona virus. What do I do?

If, due to the coronavirus, you do not have the opportunity to complete your outplacement course and training, we recommend that you immediately contact your employer to enable that an agreement can be made to postpone the process.

If your union representative has been involved in the agreement being made, we recommend that you first contact your union representative regarding the postponement to allow the union representative to speak with your employer.

If DM negotiated your severance agreement, we recommend that you contact DM or the legal advisor you were in contact with in connection with entering into the severance agreement.

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