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Quarantine and lay-offs

Get an overview of your position if you are placed in quarantine – e.g. whether you will receive pay and whether you are obliged to work from home.

Do I get paid while quarantined?

If you are placed in quarantine at home by the authorities, this will usually count as sickness. So if you are eligible for pay during sickness, you will receive pay while you are quarantined at home. All salaried employees and employees under academic collective agreements are entitled to pay during sick leave.

If your employer quarantines you at home due to infection or suspected infection, your employer must pay your salary as per usual.

If you have been sent on a business trip and you are subsequently placed in a 14-day quarantine, your employer must also pay your salary during the quarantine.

Am I obliged to work while quarantined at home?

You are still available to your employer during the quarantine if you are healthy. Therefore, you must work as agreed with your employer, and your employer may also assign you other tasks than usual during the quarantine.

If you incur extra expenses from working from home, e.g. for the internet or telephone, your employer must cover these.

In my company, we follow the public collective agreements, but we are privately employed. Will we also be sent home?

No, basically you will not. We recommend that you approach your employer and ask for guidelines.

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