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Salary issues are very important, e.g. whether you get paid if you have been instructed to work from home. Find the answers here.

Off sick with COVID-19

If you are sick and are employed with entitlement to pay during sickness, you are entitled to pay. All salaried employees and employees subject to academic collective agreements are entitled to pay during sick leave.

Am I still paid when I have been asked or instructed to work from home?

Yes, of course you must be paid for the work you do - whether at the workplace or outside the workplace. All public employees are sent home with pay on the condition that they are available to work from home as far as possible.

Am I eligible for pay if I cannot get to work because of the virus as public transport does not work as usual?

Normally, as an employee, you are responsible for being able to get to work. If you are prevented by a snowstorm or a train strike, it is your responsibility and you a deduction may be made from your pay if you do not attend/attend on time.

In this situation, where the restrictions affect so many people for a longer period of time, it is best to speak with your employer about situations that may arise.

I am a salaried employee in a private company. Can my employer sent me home without pay for the next 14 days?

Your employer is required to pay your salary during your absence and cannot send you home without pay. If you have the opportunity to work from home, you must do so and you must be available to the employer during this period. You may also be asked to perform other tasks than the usual ones. Contact DM if you doubt whether you are required to perform the duties requested by the employer.

I am going to travel on business to an area where many cases of COVID-19 have been found? What is my position?

It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the travel recommendations of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and follow the advice given there. If you are worried about the trip, we encourage you to speak with your employer and your union representatives as well as colleagues about your concerns.

If a company sends an employee to an area which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems to be code red, then it is entirely the responsibility of that company. This means that if the employee in question is quarantined by Danish or foreign authorities, this is deemed to be lawful absence if the employee wishes to be entitled to salary.

Read the travel recommendations of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Danish)

I am an hourly paid external lecturer and, due to the closure of the university, I cannot give my scheduled lectures. Do I miss my salary?

As an external lecturer at a university, you are employed subject to the agreement with external lecturers employed with the state. You are regarded as a public employee and, therefore, in the opinion of DM, you are entitled to pay for the scheduled teaching.

Reduced salary

If your employer announces that you need to take a pay cut as a result of the situation with corona virus, then please be aware of the following:

If you take a cut in salary and the company that you are employed with goes bankrupt while you are on the reduced salary then, in a bankruptcy, you are entitled only to the reduced salary. The Employees’ Guarantee Fund does not cover the 'old' salary.

Moreover, please be aware that if you agree to work less than 29.6 hours per week, this may affect your entitlement to unemployment benefit and you must contact your unemployment insurance fund.

Distribution of work

If there is a distribution of work in your workplace, where during a period, the work is distributed with the effect that the individual employee experiences a reduction in hours, then you, the employee, may be able to claim supplementary unemployment benefit, corresponding to the reduction in work hours. In that case, the agreement must be concluded by collective agreement or by a collective agreement on a temporary reduction in work hours.

The collective agreement must be notified to the job centre.

However, you must be a member of an unemployment insurance fund and must meet the general conditions to be eligible for unemployment benefit (12-month vesting period) in order to receive supplementary unemployment benefit as part of a distribution of work agreement.

Stay updated

Stay updated at coronasmitte.dk where the relevant authorities continuously provide updates on developments.

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Contact DM

If you have concerns about quarantine or the risk of infection with corona in your workplace, please contact DM.

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