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The obligations of the employer

Learn more about your employer’s obligations – e.g. the employer’s obligation to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

What are the obligation s of the employer?

Danish legislation on occupational health and safety does not contain provisions for a situation where a global risk of infection may cause problems in Danish workplaces. However, the current provisions state that the employer must always make sure to minimise or reduce the risk of infection between employees.

In addition, the employer is obliged to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, which is why it may be necessary to close down a business for a period of time if there is contamination in the workplace, just as the employer may cancel international travel and other activities.

If it becomes necessary to close the workplace, you continue to be entitled to pay while the workplace is closed.

Conversely, according to the legislation on occupational health, the employees also have a responsibility to ensure the existence of a healthy working environment. Therefore, employees are also obliged to avoid infecting colleagues, if possible.

Employees must also tell employers if they have been traveling in one of the areas with many cases of infection. Remember to follow the guidelines issued by the authorities for conduct around others, which mean e.g. that you must avoid physical contact with others such as handshakes and hugs and must also remember to frequently wash your hands and use hand sanitisers.

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