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What does DM do?

We have introduced a number of initiatives in DM to limit the risk of infection with corona virus. Learn about the initiatives which apply until 1 April, until further notice.

Cancellation of events, meetings, courses and teaching in March

Within DM, we have decided to either cancel or postpone all events, meetings, courses or teaching that require physical contact with members.

Until further notice, this decision applies to all events and meetings in March.

If you have signed up for an event during March and still have not heard from us, you will receive an email with a notice of cancellation or postponement as soon as possible.

Only virtual advice

In order to look after each other in the best possible way, we have closed off for all physical contact throughout the building.

We are available to provide digital advice, so you are welcome to contact us either by telephone or email.

We continue to hold counselling and career interviews but they will be held virtually for the time being. If a conversation requires you to be physically in the same room, it will be cancelled or postponed.

Network meetings

We recommend that all DM network postpone or cancel planned meetings.

Stay updated

Stay updated at coronasmitte.dk where the relevant authorities continuously provide updates on developments.

Learn more here

Contact DM

If you have concerns about quarantine or the risk of infection with corona in your workplace, please contact DM.

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