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Working from home

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about working from home.

I am a teacher and I have been asked to teach by means of distance learning from my home. This is difficult as I also have to take care of my children who have been sent home from school and day-care, respectively. What do I do?

In DM, we maintain that the Prime Minister has sent home all public employees with pay.

We encourage employers to exercise flexibility in relation to the timing of tasks.

Whether you are a teacher or have other work, you are basically required to attend work/perform your duties although you lack care for your children. This also applies in this situation where the day-care centre or school is closed as a result of corona virus/COVID-19. However, in practical terms, it is not possible to concentrate at work while also caring for young children. Local solutions must be found to meet the needs of both the workplace and the employees.

By way of example, it may be agreed that the distance learning is planned to take place at times that allow you to do the teaching, or that you may be able to record the teaching, which is then made available to the students.

How do I conduct myself in relation to the provisions of the GDPR while I work from home?

You must follow the guidelines issued by your employer regarding the processing of personal data in your work. When working at home, take the same precautions.

By way of example, make sure there is a lock on your PC so that - in your home - you are the only one having access to the things stored on your computer. Similarly, make sure that physical documents are stored properly, so that they are not exposed to anyone but yourself, and data is not at risk of being stolen or erased. If there is sensitive information in the documents, always lock them away when you are not using them. If you take a printout or a notebook home, lock it inside your desk drawer or in a cabinet.

I have been sent home by my manager. Can I work from my holiday cottage?

There is no doubt that the Prime Minister's announcement that one must go home and work from home should not be taken to be an explicit instruction that the work must then be performed from the employee's place of residence.

The most important thing is that you are working and available to your employer within normal hours of service.

The question of what constitutes a reasonable response time if you were be asked to attend work must be assessed in relation to how long it would normally take you to get to work if you were called in.

Another matter is that we are in an unusual situation right now, where we all need to be flexible and accommodating to make things work. For example, you may go to your holiday cottage to get light and air around you and to reduce the risk of infection.

Subject to the fact that you do not have any special functions in your position where the response time is essential and that your secondary residence provides the same opportunities to work from home, then DM's position is as follows: If such a disposition means that the employer must bear an extended response time of 1-2 hours, we believe the issue falls under the social mindset that we have all been encouraged to adhere to.

We recommend that you contact your union representative, who may raise the issue internally, so that there are uniform guidelines around the issue throughout the workplace.

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